Stanford Political Union

Meaningful political debates at Stanford.

As Stanford students, we sometimes spend too much time in a personal bubble, only interacting with people who share our political views. The goal of SPU is to encourage civil discussion between people who disagree on substantive issues.

We invite experts and students to engage in civil debate on important political issues. We allow every speaker time to make opening remarks, which leads into a discussion amongst the speakers, and ends with an opening to the audience to ask questions or make their own points.

About Us

The Stanford Political Union is a non-partisan political debate club which was formed with the goal of engaging Stanford students in substantive political discussions. We look beyond headlines and political spin to delve deeply into national issues. We believe students ought to be exposed to cogent, thorough articulation of many perspectives and have a forum in which to rigorously defend their own beliefs.

The group’s founding was motivated in part by the recent election cycle, during which the founders felt the national discourse failed to provide substantive information for voters trying to decide their own positions. We believe that participating in and observing debate is one of the best ways to get information and contextualize different points of view.

We will host public debates, speeches, and dinners during which Stanford students have the opportunity to argue their points against professors and experts. Our events typically feature two experts arguing conflicting viewpoints, and two main student speakers. Students are equally encouraged to represent their own views or argue for another side!

Thank you for your interest in the Stanford Political Union. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about us.

Steven Jiang and Zoe Himwich
Co-Chairs of Stanford Political Union


An opinion piece on our Obamacare debate was published in the Washington Examiner.


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Get Involved

To join SPU, get in touch with us via Facebook (, email, or come to our next meeting, which you can find on the calendar. You can also come speak to us at any of our public events.